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When it comes to Implement, configure or troubleshoot any backup solution then we are highly experienced and matured to fix these issues. We do not charge a penny if the backup issue is not fixed. Whether its CA Arcserve, Symantec backup’s support, Retrospect, Acronis, Intornis, Revenitix, Saaz etc... We have proven track record of getting the backups completed and make sure they are recoverable. In case of disaster and you want to get the business up and running then we are just a phone call or an email away to recover all your data and get your business up and running with minimum production loss.We have 3 step strategies for the disaster recovery.

  1. Analyze: analyze the situation, document what is available to recover
  2. Consult with the team members and get the action plan ready
  3. ACT: Act on the plan made and get the data back and business up and running.