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ITechServ as a startup was brought to life under the guidance of S. S Bhasin and Sukhbir Kaur. The Firm is a new born baby and has been working on a couple of projects in India and across the globe for some time now. We ventured into forming an organization and presenting ourselves to this world with the aim to assist our clients use technology to invent better ways of doing business proving our capabilities and the experience that we gathered with time .We emphasize on delivering Quality and timely work and the feedback given by our clients prove so.

The enthusiasm, the sheer grit and determination, to grow our business in size and stature has us churn out winning solutions where we demonstrate to our clients the knowledge and experience that we gained with time and efforts. We provide innovative and reliable business solutions to our clients allowing then to see the ideal growth and new business capabilities in exceptional timeframes thereby focusing on quality.

We believe in proving ourselves and value our clients as they give us opportunity to do the same.


Automating IT is our motive and we strive to achieve it.